API Inservice Inspection Courses

Pressure Vessels, Piping and Storage Tanks are a major part in Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Oil terminals and other process plants. They store variety of fluids, which may be Explosive, Corrosive or Toxic in nature. The equipments are also subjected to high pressures and moderate to elevated temperatures. All these factors may cause corrosion and other damages to the vital equipments.

The corrosion may cause thinning, pitting or cracking of pressure vessel wall. The internal pressure will tend to bulge the piping at the corroded locations, releasing the explosive or toxic contents resulting in serious consequences to the plant, personnel and the people at large. It is therefore essential that during the planned shutdowns, the degradation and damages inflicted to the Plant equipment, Pressure Vessels, Piping and Tanks should be monitored and evaluated so as to arrive at the ‘3R’ decisions. i.e. “Run-Repair-Replace” decisions.

More specifically, this course describes the essentials of what to inspect, where to inspect, how much to inspect and what to accept so as to evaluate the safety and mechanical integrity of in-service Pressure Vessels. The course also covers methods of repair, alteration, re-rating and replacements of affected Pressure Vessels or Piping or Storage Tanks.

The API Courses provide the participants the guidelines and methodology of carrying out inspection of “in-service” equipments. It also provides techniques for the assessment of the wear and tear of the equipments as well as to measure de-gradation and damages caused to the process equipments due to the process conditions.

Following are the API Inservice Preparatory Courses that we offer

  1. API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector
  2. API 570 Piping Inspector
  3. API 653 Tank Inspector
  4. API 580 Risk Based Inspection
  5. API SIFE Source Inspector Fixed Equipment
  6. API SIRE Source Inspector Rotating Equipment

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