Fitness for Service Condition and Remaining Life Assessment

Condition and Residual Life Assessmt

To maintain an efficiently operating unit and avoid failure of critical equipment, it is necessary to assess the condition and remaining life of that equipment. The life prediction approach will enable repair, up gradation, replacements of necessary components and extension of life of remaining components.

A successful, cost-effective condition assessment of piping systems and industrial equipment requires engineering, project management, and technical professionals with the expertise to accurately assess existing conditions, identify areas most susceptible to failure, and provide valuable recommendations for maintenance or repair. 

This approach is advantageous, in terms of economy, to continue operating the aged plant by extending their lives for reasons of high construction cost.

Fitness for Service Assessment

Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessments are quantitative engineering evaluations that are performed to demonstrate the structural integrity of an in-service component that may contain a flaw or damage.

The Fitness – For – Service assessment procedures in this recommended practice cover situations involving flaws commonly encountered in the refining and petrochemical industry in pressure vessels, piping and tankage. The procedures are not intended to provide a definite guideline for every possible situation that may be encountered. However, flexibility is provided to the user in the form of an advanced assessment level to handle uncommon situations that may require a more detailed analysis.


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