Welding Inspection Courses

Our Welding Inspectors provide third party witnessing of weld specification, procedure qualification and welder qualifications when required
Certifying welding procedures – Weld Procedure Specification and Weld Procedure Qualification Record:
Manufacturers need approved welding procedures complaining with international standards and codes.

Certifying welder qualifications – Welder Performance Qualification:
A welder must hold the necessary qualifications to carry out welding. Certify the welder to an approved weld procedure by monitoring and assessing the welder during the welding process, and submitting the test piece to the lab for the relevant testing required by the applicable code. The certification of a welder is usually valid for two or three years, after which there would be a requirement for re-certification of their Welder Performance Qualification.  
The welding procedures and welders need to be in accordance with internationally-recognised welding codes; we qualify and certify welding procedures to BS EN ISO 15614  and ASME IX, and welders in accordance with BS EN 287, BS EN IS0 9606, BS 4872 and ASME IX.


Training in Welding ( Welding Inspection, Developing WPS and PQR, Welder Qualification)
We conduct courses on Welding Process and Inspection in line with AWS, IIW and CSWIP. The candidates attending our courses are well versed with the following
1. Welding Processes and their applications
2. How to prepare WPS and PQR. How to prepare WPQ
3. How to review WPS/PQR/ WPQ in conformance with various Code/ Standard requirements.
4. Knowledge about Welding Discontinuities their causes and remedies.
5. NDE used for Welding like Visual, Radiography, Ultrasonic , Liquid Penetrant , Magnetic Particle
6. Review of Welding Metallurgy
7. Practical use of various instruments used during welding inspection.

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