Level III Refresher Training Programs

  Till date we have guided 100+ students who have cleared their Level III examinations with confidence. NDE personnel / Level III aspirants who wish to appear for ISNT/ ASNT Level III or ISO 9712 Level 2 / Level 3 examinations can avail our expertise. 

Salient features of KQSPL Level III  Refresher Course:
1.  Limited number of candidates and time flexibility
2. One to one interaction
3. Practice in problems solving
4. Build confidence by solving mock up examinations
5. Assistance in filling up of examination forms/ recertification process

We have such relations with our candidates that they are assured that we will assist them overcome their practical  NDE & Quality related problems when at work.

Following are the Refresher Courses that we offer

  1. Basic
  2. Radiographic Examination
  3. Ultrasonic Examination
  4. Liquid Penetrant Examination
  5. Magnetic Particle Examination
  6. Visual Examination


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