NDE Trainings Programs (Level I / Level II)

Non - destructive testing (NDT) plays a very significant role in the preventive protection of our environment. The importance of NDT methods is reflected in preventing major catatrophs and damages by early identification and detection of critical failures in production, during service and in construction. In this way NDT joins the activities of the "greens" providing efficient protection of human lives and the environment.

In recent years industries have recognized the importance of NDT to their own product and quality. Critical damages are placed on NDT inspectors and the techniques on which they rely on for which Training and Hands on experience in NDT has gained importance. want to know more about qualification and certification. For More information                                                                  Click Here

Level III Refresher Courses

 Till date we have guided 100+ students who have cleared their Level III examinations with confidence. NDE personnel / Level III aspirants who wish to appear for ISNT/ ASNT Level III or ISO 9712 Level 2 / Level 3 examinations can avail our expertise...

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API Inservice Inspection Courses

Pressure Vessels, Piping and Storage Tanks are a major part in Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Oil terminals and other process plants. They store variety of fluids, which may be Explosive, Corrosive or Toxic in nature...

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Welding Inspection Courses

Our Welding Inspectors provide third party witnessing of weld specification, procedure qualification and welder qualifications when required Certifying welding procedures....

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ASME Code Awareness Courses

Codes & Standards awareness program is provided to various clients specimen to provide better view of the codes, which are being, used in daily inspection activities of the industries.

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